Product Delivery Ingredients

Ingredients that can potentially help make product delivery successful

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The motivation behind this page is to provide a very broad overview of what are usually present or feed into successful product delivery work.

This list is definitely not prescriptive, other things can and should be added or removed to fit one’s environment and circumstances.

The very basics of software development, object-oriented programming, design patterns or hygienne factors of a technical team or prodcut team are not covered, as the expectation is that the team are already aware of these and other standard industry practices.

PS: this list is not the silver bullet!

Before Starting

Bake-in quality and security into your products

You build it, you run it; You break it, you fix it


Usability makes or breaks your product


“Can’t do architecture without programming, and can’t do programming without architecture” - Martin Fowler

Development environment


Coding convention

Development practices

Keep the Codebase Healthy” - Martin Fowler

Security - DevSecOps


Static code analysis

Principles of CI/CD

Continuous Integration

Continuous Delivery/Deployment

A deployment pipeline is, in essence, an automated implementation of your application’s build, deploy, test, and release process. - Continuous Delivery book


Support - Monitoring

Support - Alerting